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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Well-Dressed Bear

A stunning group of very stylish bears is found at Ash Grove Bears, an ArtFire shop. Vicki is a teddy bear artist who has been bringing her bear friends to life for over 15 years. Although officially retired, she can’t give up sewing and enjoys dressing her bears in exceptional outfits, and especially delights in making their elegant hats.

Vicki truly loves what she does and feels a connection to her ancestors through her sewing and millinery skills. She lovingly names her bears and composes a poem for each as they head out into the world. Her unique creations would be a thoughtful gift for any serious bear collector.

Vicki crafts her striking bears in Canada and ships to the United States. You won’t find a finer dressed bear anywhere. These collectible bears are not designed for play, and should be kept for proud display.


  1. Lovely blog,Those bears are very well dress and so cute. Thanks so much for sharing:0)

  2. Wow they ARE the best dressed bears I have seen! Well done Suzanne
    Hugs from "Down Under"