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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Elegant Floral Glassware

The floral theme continues with this fantastic discovery at Decouverre Glassware, an Etsy shop, with stunning hand painted glass and stemware. These captivating designs remind me of stained glass. Stephanie is a very accomplished artist who has chosen a glass canvas. She designs then meticulously hand paints each glass using non-toxic, European, thermo hardening enamel paints in a cheerful palette.

You will be amazed by her extensive selection of pretty posies; each one a unique creation. If you have a design, pattern, another style of stemware, or color in mind, Stephanie will be happy to work with you on any special request. She will skillfully create a one-of-a-kind heirloom gift that is sure to be adored and treasured. Personalizing and engraving may also be possible depending on your selection.

Stephanie paints her flower garden in Canada and ships internationally. You can also find her on Facebook. You won't want to hit any high notes with one of these beauties in the room.


  1. i LOVE painted glassware! Thanks for sharing - these are beautiful :)

  2. Such beautiful painted glassware.