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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Soap never looked like THIS

My title is taken from a section in this surprising Etsy shop, Goddess in a Lather (moved to YodelyGoatSoaps), and I never have seen soap like this! It was very hard to pick two photos to share in this feature, as there are numerous soap sculptures that caught my eye, but by now I’m sure you have guessed that I favor blue. Here is a master at work in her chosen medium - glycerin soap – and what a statement she has made with a plethora of exquisitely crafted pieces of art.

Maggie considers herself part mad-scientist, part Sherlock Holmes, and uses only the purest, most chemical-free bath & body ingredients possible in her lovely creations. If you see something you like, but would prefer a different color, fragrance or even fragrance-free, please contact her to place a custom order. If you would like to know more about her ingredients or process, her bio is available at Etsy.

Maggie crafts her soapy art in Illinois and also ships to Canada. You will want to drop a heart at this shop for future unique gift giving. Order an iris in the bathroom color of a friend to present them with a very special room accent they are sure to display and enjoy. Maggie has definitely put the ‘You’re Special’ back in gift giving with her slippery selection. Many of these soaps are just too pretty to use!

Maggie has opened a new soap shop, and you'll find her at her new etsy location.


  1. These are gorgeous! I just ordered some molds and soap paint due to arrive next week to make some gorgeous soaps. I can't wait to start. :)