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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Art of Knitting Wood

Amazing wooded intarsia artworks are found at WoodenArtbyTom, an Etsy shop. Intarsia is the traditional art of knitting wood together and relies on the skill of the artisan to harness the beauty found in each piece of wood. No paints or dyes are used and all of the colors you see are from the natural wood, making each creative work truly unique. Tom selects the woods to form his artistic vision, fashions the individually shaped pieces, carefully sands them until they fit perfectly, then glues them in place.

This is another team shop operating in perfect harmony. Melody handles the computer and paperwork leaving Tom to his woodworking tools and sandpaper. He works with reclaimed woods and each of his finished pieces has a list of the woods that were used on the back. I can only imagine the satisfaction he must have after gluing the last piece in place and stepping back to behold “A job well done.”

Tom crafts his exquisite works of wooden art in Indiana and ships internationally. If you have a favorite wood or theme in mind, Tom has the ability and willingness to bring your unique and special intarsia piece to life. You can also find them on Facebook.

Unfortunately, their etsy shop and Facebook page appear to have fallen silent.


  1. This is amazing work! The fact that he uses NO dyes is just mesmerizing!


  2. I like the different colors of wood used.

  3. What an awesome skill! His work is very unique and special.