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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crocheted Wire Jewelry and Pop Tabs

Introducing a delightful shop on Artfire that combines the art of jewelry making with the love of crochet. Cindy’s Creative Crochet offers unique pieces crafted by crocheting copper and other wires to highlight chosen beads or stones. Each creation guarantees you of a true one-of-a-kind treasure.

What can you do with 93 aluminum soda can tabs and a love of crochet? Cindy has put recycling into action and fashioned this surprising wallet or catch-all for your purse. Crocheted with blue cotton thread and lined with matching blue material, the pop tabs make an eye-catching presentation.

Stop by her interesting shop where many creative designs await. Cindy would be delighted to customize any order. She lives in Canada and ships worldwide.


  1. Thanks for the awesome feature, what a great way to start my Monday!!

  2. I've had the good luck to see a lot of Cindy's work in real life - it is more intricate and delicate than any picture can show!

  3. those pop tabs are pretty spiffy!

  4. Great items! I'll have to check out her shop!

  5. Lovely shop!! So many great items. This is pretty:

    A shop worth discovering!!