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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tatted Lace Jewelry by Elizabeth

Tatting is something I have always thought I would try someday, and finding this amazing shop has renewed that interest. Elizabeth’s Lace on ArtFire combines beauty and fashion with tradition in an unbelievable collection of tatted treasures. The addition of beads to some of her creations enhances their unique charm.

Trained by her grandmother, Beth has been perfecting her craft for over 15 years. In addition to her wide selection of finished items, she also makes some of her original patterns available for those who may want to try their hand at this knotty art form.

Beth takes custom pattern and color orders, works in Pennsylvania, and ships internationally. Visit her website to see other dramatic pieces and check out the show schedule if you would like to see her art in person. Thank you Beth for enhancing this traditional craft for future generations.


  1. These are so delicate and lovely.

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  3. Tatting looks like something that would strain my eyes with all the itty bitty knots if I tried it. I like her color palette. The shiny thread is quite nice

  4. I have tried tatting. It is delicate and beautiful, but takes so much patience!