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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Paper House

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky. They're all together ooky... Are you singing along yet? To my delight, I ran across the Addams' Family home at themoonlightmuse on zibbet. This amazing artist uses mad paper crafting skills to create very impressive 3D shadow box homes. She has also captured the Bates' house from the movie Psycho. Marcey's incredible works of art would be very much at home hanging in a real estate or architect's office, and sure to be real conversation pieces wherever they are proudly displayed.

Marcey has also turned her artistic talents to polymer clay creating a selection of magnets, pendants, and wee sculptures. How cute is that little zombie bunny magnet! and the RIP tombstone and crow looks like it belongs in the Addams' yard. Be sure to see Ruby the red dragon with her hoard of treasure!

Marcey trims her shingles in Michigan, ships internationally, can be found on Facebook, and has an etsy shop. She does a fantastic job with the doom and gloom!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Folding Ribbon

This creative jewelry had me quite puzzled when I first saw it. Stop by ChasingAlila on etsy and take a closer look at the eye catching statement pieces Lia has been creating. Her amazing wearable art necklaces are absolutely gorgeous. She has a braided collection in lovely color combinations. I find the black and white memorizing. An accordion collection is just getting started and the lead piece is an awesome dark blue beauty. Necklace lengths are adjustable to achieve the perfect fall.

Lia folds her wonderful works of art in California, ships internationally, and can be found on Facebook. If you have the perfect color combination in mind, be sure to contact her with your idea. She is happy to work with you to coordinate a wedding or any special occasion.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Magic of Raku

For hundreds of years the raku style of creating and firing pottery has lead to a wealth of unique, hand formed pieces. The magic of raku is revealed after the second firing when the artist scrubs off the soot revealing the completed piece. This traditional art form is continued at WildfirePottery on zibbet where Sarah lovingly forms each of her art works by hand. Second generation to the pottery craft, Sarah uses her talents in the realm of artistic expression with her love of nature's abundance to produce a delightful array of animals. Penguins, puffins, starfish, playful seals, and fun owl rattles are waiting to be discovered in her shop.

If you haven't seen enough puffins, stop by her second zibbet shop, Theartfulbadger, for a selection of buttons and greeting cards. I do like her Celtic designs.

Sarah fires up the kiln in Canada, ships internationally, can be found on Facebook, and also maintains an etsy shop. You will find more of her charming sculptures on her website, and a very well done video will give you a peek in her studio as she explains her creative process. If you would like to hear this multi-talented lady fiddle away, check out this CBC television spot. My husband is a luthier, and the community Sarah lives in sounds amazing.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Parasols on Parade

To shield the powerful rays of the sun, parasols have been used for thousands of years. Here is an ArtFire shop, dbvictoria, that will have you taking a summer stroll in elegant style. Whether you are looking for Gothic Lolita, Steampunk, or simple Victorian, ruffles and lace gracefully dress up these sun blockers creating exquisite fashion accessories.

My daughter enjoys costuming in steampunk style and Victoria's parasols have wide appeal in this realm, as well as reminding me of the elegance of Mary Poppins or My Fair Lady. These parasols would also make exceptional photo props in any trendy studio.

Victoria also has a line of clever dust ruffle petticoats to add the perfect layer to your costuming. This artist then uses her talents in the jewelry arena, creating a line of beautifully beaded chokers among other charming pieces.

What is Victoria's secret? She is inspired by romance and beauty, and has a magpie's eye for shiny things.

Victoria designs in Washington State and ships internationally. More of her work can be seen on her website, and she is also found on Facebook.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spider Webs and Dragonflies

This shop is full of webbed abodes that Charlotte would be pleased to call home. SpiderwoodHollow on etsy has a fascinating selection of carefully crafted spider web art and a host of little eight legged beauties waiting to move in. Copper wire and a soldering gun in the hands of this talented artisan won't have you reaching for a can or Raid. Ellen has truly created a friendly collection of exquisitely arrayed arachnids, painting glass and wire to produce unique works of art.

I smiled to see Ellen's dainty black flies remembering my dad saying - Flies spend half their life trying to get into your house, and the other half trying to get out. One of her embellished corner webs would certainly bring interest to the dull corner of a room or hall. Her colorful line of dragon flies is sure to brighten up a bookshelf or entertainment center, and a pair of lady bugs is ready to patrol your windowsill. You will want to keep an eye on this creative artist to see what creeps out of her workshop next!

The spinning is done in Washington State with worldwide shipping. If you have a creeping creation in mind, contact Ellen and she will bring your idea to life. Does your Christmas tree need a spider for next year, or do you know someone who will soon be on their own? Ellen has the perfect spider gift for them to continue the German tradition in the telling of the tinsel story.