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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dot Matrix Art

Who remembers the zipping sound of a dot matrix printer as it advanced line by line? I am amazed at the incredible art created one tiny dot at a time I discovered at PearlesPainting on etsy. There are no zipping sounds in this self-taught painter's studio as she precisely places each dot. Swirls, waves, and arches appear as I gaze at the dots Pearle has patiently painted on Christmas balls. Each of her ornaments is a unique work of art, waiting to grace your tree for many years. What an unexpected treat one of her Christmas decorations would make. You will be remembered each year it hangs on their tree!

Pearle loves to create beautiful works of art and embellishes pepper mills, vases, chairs, salt and pepper shakers, creating designer, one-of-a-kind works of art. Some of her designs are available on small canvases or bits of wood for year round display. Next to the dots, I find her leaf designs to be captivating. She also has a line of hand painted designer jewelry; a delightful array of necklaces, pendants, and earrings. Be sure to see the delicate butterfly earrings, which were inspired by her daughter. Pearle has walnut and egg ornaments too, so take a peek down the aisles and be amazed at the wonders she has been working on.

Pearle paints with pinpoint accuracy in Massachusetts, ships internationally, and is found on Facebook. Find more by this prolific painter on her blog. She is a true kindred spirit and passionately believes in recycling/upcycling, breathing new life into rescued materials. If anything sits still for too long, this inspired artist is likely to give it a pointed makeover!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Origami Dolls

My daughter has made little Japanese dolls for me to slip into cards and letters, so I was delighted to find Christina's shop, Umeorigami on zibbet, where the traditional handcraft of folding origami dolls is flourishing. She has included some modern touches, and a magnet can be added to any doll. Using the finest papers directly from Japan, her little works of art come alive. What a lovely surprise finding one of treasures tucked in a card would be.

Taking paper folding beyond dolls, Christina enjoys exploring the possibilities of origami. She has designed a line of distinctive earrings and necklace pendants. When I first saw a pendant with beading, I thought it was a special Christmas ornament. Take a look at her very unique and interesting boxed accordion cards.

Christina folds the fancy paper in California, ships internationally, and is found on Facebook. A website will show off more of this artist's work, which includes photography. Be sure to see the creative Star Wars doll set.

She has a shop on etsy, and although it is not currently stocked, you can see past work being enjoyed by her patrons. This busy lady has a second shop, origraphix, on zibbet where you will find graphic designs. If you have a custom order, be sure to contact her.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun Hand Puppets

I have stumbled upon another of Santa's secret satellite workshops on zibbet. A grand selection of hand puppets can be found at mpace. You will keep little ones engaged in creative storytelling while flipping between two expressions on the Two-Faced line, or memorize them with the more ornate Storyteller puppets, who really know how to spin a yarn. Creative word play from an early age is a wonderful way to build vocabulary and spark imagination in the wordsmiths of tomorrow. If you would like more actors in your production, be sure to see the animal finger puppets.

Now a great-grandma, this lady has been putting smiles on children's faces for many, many years with her bright and cheerful play toys. After a stroll down the aisles of her shop, I discovered a host of friendly dolls ready to be confidential, lifetime friends. Doll lines in this shop have fun names like Knot-A-Paperdoll, My New Friend, Baby-to-Go, and Uppity Down Dolls. To cheer up a child battling leukemia, be sure to see the thoughtful selection of Kancer Kids dolls with their colorful hats and fancy footwear.

A designer purse is waiting for your little lady in the Miz Pursey's Cupcake line. Each cupcake is individually frosted assuring a unique, one-of-a-kind accessory. The fun doesn't stop there, and Harriet the Hair Accessory Queen will keep hair accessories organized on a dresser top.

These delightful dollies are lovingly crafted in Washington state and ship internationally. Find her on Facebook with more of her precious creations on etsy and her website. Her aim is to make a child smile with a toy to be treasured, so be sure to contact her with your special request.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beautiful Henna

Whether cultural, artistic, rebellious, or temporary, tattoos have been a part of human history for thousands of years. Beautiful henna art work is found at Surinder's shop, AllAboutHenna, on etsy. Faryal and Sheetal join her to bring the art of henna alive. After looking through examples of this impressive body art form, I am in awe of the intricate designs drawn free-hand by master artists! The personal nature of this art seems to speak of the love that goes into creating each piece.

Fresh henna powder is available if you want to mix paste yourself, or ready-to-use cones can be sent to US addresses. Creating one of these elaborate designs can be as easy as following the lines if you trace an outline with a steady hand. Visit their shop for a variety of reusable henna stencils, which make for quick and polished results. Candles are also decorated with these intriguing patterns. Be sure to see the amazing detail in the close-up photo of the painting Desert Waves. It reminds me of the zendoodle art form we discovered March of last year.

These talented ladies mix it up in Texas, most items ship internationally, and they are on Facebook. You will find more about this art form on their website. If you are in their neck of the woods in Texas, you can book one of these incredible artists for a lot more than face painting at your special event. Custom orders are welcomed and encouraged. This is the perfect body art, expressing your artistic creativity without committing to it forever!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Insect Art

For several years, one of my sons was interested in bug collecting. We had a net, killing jar, and pin boxes, so I found BugUnderGlass on etsy fascinating and couldn't pass up showing it to you. Kevin is an artist biologist with a passion for education, conservation, and sustainability. He has a burgeoning business creating museum quality art pieces by mounting farm-raised insects. What a thoughtful gift one of these taxidermied specimens would make for a budding entomologist or teacher.

Kevin composes insect dioramas sure to bring a smile, and he has blank note cards depicting several of these scenes, making his art very accessible. The motorcycle riding Weevil Knievel is my favorite. He has also developed a unique line of butterfly wing jewelry. You will marvel at striking butterflies professionally mounted for display, and I find those hovering over a map background very appealing.

Kevin is in my neck of the woods in California, ships internationally, and can be found on Facebook. He is also an official San Francisco Green Business, and has a well designed website. There are many interesting things to see in his well stocked shop, with more being added. Did you know moths could be so colorful? Be sure to stop by and enjoy the walking stick, scorpion, and cicada among other beauties!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beaded Rope

I almost called this post 'The Beaded Snake' as that is what came to mind when I first saw one of Nona's necklaces at Lanmom on etsy. Wondering how they are made, I was surprised to find that individual strands of beads are crocheted together forming these wonderful patterns. This artist's true passion for crochet is quite evident in the variety of her shop's hooked offerings.

Nona takes some pretty snaps, and I did a double-take on her photo of a well watered red raspberry to make sure it wasn't a beaded double. She also has a line of retro bracelets, and it's nice to see another innovative soul using pop caps. Her hand is in macramé and card making too. Nona must have a 'Got to try this list' as long as mine.

This busy lady calls Utah home, sends internationally, and is found on Facebook. Be sure to take a stroll through her inspired shop and see where the creative spirit has lead her. So, as Monty Python and Nona put it...And now for something completely different...Amazing wearable art created one bead at a time!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Cool Breeze

If the hot weather has you wishing for a cool breeze, you can catch it at Olele on etsy where gorgeous Spanish hand fans will have you comfortably passing the time. Karmele has created a grand array of elegant fans, finding her inspiration in beautiful Japanese floral and bold African designs. She expertly stretches starched fabrics over exotic wooden staves to create these very useful eye-catching fashion accessories complete with carrying case. Be sure to see her lacquered fan in stunning black and red.

Karmele also keeps busy with a line of snappy fabric backed pocket mirrors. These are quite the handy accessory for any purse, and would certainly be appreciated gifts. She makes interesting fabric covered button earrings too. Special requests are welcomed, and I think her fans or mirrors would make the perfect bridesmaids thank you.

Where would you expect to find the creator of a Spanish hand fan? Why, in Spain, of course. She ships her fashionable fans internationally, can be found on Facebook, has a blog, and a start on zibbet, where I first found her. If you are interested in a left-handed fan, contact Karmele before placing an order to check availability. It's so nice to see an option for south paws.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Wild Right Hook

I was struck by the incredible beauty of the crocheted mandalas found in CAROcreated on etsy. I had never seen such extensive use of overlay stitches before and the result is amazing. This shop is filed with hooked wonders, and I really like the crocodile stitch used in one of the owl patterns. Having written crochet patterns myself, I know the immeasurable time through trial-and-error that goes into this creative process. This is the first crocheted sea urchin and sand dollar I have ever seen, and they are perfect!

There is so much in this innovative shop to discover. This artist also has a line of handcrafted waldorf inspired Kawaii dolls perfect for any collector. Patterns are also available for a beary cute line of bears.

This beautiful artwork comes from Germany and is sent internationally. Should you have a custom doll request or any questions, please contact the shop. If you are ready to hook a unique gift for someone special, be sure to check in with this artist from time to time for wondrous new crochet patterns. Keep in mind that there are differences in crochet nomenclature, so you may have to translate the pattern before you get started.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Classy Clutches

You will feel like a princess with an elegant clutch designed by Briana from FoxburyAndCo on etsy. Working from an impressive super stash of gorgeous fabrics this lady will make your handbag an eye-catching outfit accessory. Her bags come in a variety of sizes and styles, with all aspects open to customization. Pick your silk dupioni lining from the color choices found on Flickr.

Briana loves to sew in Virginia, ships internationally, is found on Facebook, and recently started a shop on zibbet. She also has a line of beautiful baubles, necklaces and earrings ready to complete your royal touch. Here is the perfect shop to find bridesmaid accessories and gifts.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Painted Blades

Drawn to a nontraditional canvas selection, this self-taught artist has been answering the painter's call for over 3 decades. I found Linda's shop, Mountain Crafts, on Blujay and was struck by her beautiful paintings on saw blades. I thought, 'What a nice clock for my husband's workroom', and found that her wonderful art is available in clock form. A prolific painter, her pleasing images also grace gold pans, magnets, and hand saws. I think one of her Brazilian agate nightlights would be perfect in the hall.

Although Linda may paint a scene multiple times, no two will ever be exactly the same, giving each work of art a unique character. Linda loads up her brush in Colorado and ships internationally. She has gotten a start on Facebook and etsy. Her website contains the breadth of her artistic offerings, and her blog is new this year. Be sure to contact her if you see something you like but prefer a different canvas.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Leaf Artist

Retirement hasn't slowed this artist down, but given him the time to devote to his passion, preserving, promoting, and protecting this ancient leaf art form from extinction. MuseumShop is the place to go on etsy for unusual works of art made from rice straw by artist Rajan 'Ray' Koshy. Where to begin on one of these portraits? It certainly isn't a paint by the numbers project. Variations in the straw's hue are ever so skillfully blended together to produce mind boggling masterworks.

One of his building masterpieces is sure to be a conversation piece, proudly displayed at an architectural firm. With my three boys you know I'm partial to felines, and there is a grand selection of cats and dogs ready to impress any pet owner. The array of work is very impressive; a Greek soldier, steam engine, the Taj Mahal, famous people, and stately sailing ships to name but a few. You will want to stroll down the aisles of this shop to marvel at what a true artisan can do with rice straw. If you are looking for a vignette of this scarce art form, Ray has a line of birds on cottonwood leaves that would make a wonderful introduction to rice straw art.

The glue he uses is called gum arabic, which is also known as acacia gum. It is an edible sap harvested from two species of acacia trees. When he has time for painting, Ray chooses an unlikely canvas, a cottonwood leaf skeleton. Just look at the beautiful parrots! Ray gleans rice straw from the fields in Texas, ships internationally, and can be found on Facebook. I am in awe of the amazing artists and their incredible creative works that I find on my quest for Discovered Treasures!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kusudama Flowers

I was surprised to find a traditional style of origami that allows the use of string and glue in construction. Lauren folds flowers in the kusudama style at thelimetulip on ArtFire, where perfectly proportioned flowers embellished with beads and buttons bloom. The pedals are individually crafted with precision then glued together to form the fancy floral focal point highlighted by green leaves. String can be used to tie flowers together forming beautiful balls.

Lauren also has a line of beautiful ribbon flowers. Whether you are looking for a single red rose, a wreath, bracelet, or pomador ball, She can spin the perfect flowers for you. If you want to give a gift of flowers, why not present your sentiments with a fond reminder that will last for many years to come. Her flowers come in several sizes and styles, and all are ready to impress with their long-lived beauty.

Lauren fashions the flora in Kansas, ships internationally, and can be found on Facebook. If you have an event requiring a specific color pallet, she will make your special occasion memorable with an impressive custom order. Here is another craft I'm adding to my 'someday list'. To try your hand at this traditional craft, search online for 'kusudama tutorial' and find a variety of ways to fold these floral delights.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Birds and Bees

For over a decade Kerri at kerribeads on etsy has been honing her glass crafting skills, and the results I see today are breathtaking. Each of her tiny treasures is a unique work of art, desirable for any collector. I think it's incredible how much color and detail she puts into every animal and insect. Her artistic beads are sure to be the eye-catching focal point for any jewelry design. She also enjoys sharing her love of working with glass and put together a variety of very detailed tutorials designed for intermediate to advanced lampworkers, but they are sure to inspire beginners to continue in their skill building.

If you are an owl collector, definitely don't miss the owl babies found in the Focal Bead Gallery on her very informative website. Kerri also crafted a striking collection of amphora vessels featuring more of her creative designs. The dragon fly seems perfectly proportioned and aligned to guard its precious consignment. Be inspired by the creations of jewelry designers using her amazing beads in the Designer's Gallery.

If she has not taken her show on the road, or teaching, Kerri is enjoying creative time in her Canadian studio. She ships internationally and can be found on Facebook. Contact her if you are interested in a wholesale order or having her teach a class at your location. Keep an eye on this artist. She is continuing to explore the boundaries of her chosen medium, and you won't want to miss her latest creations!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wooden Petals

Here is an eco friendly shop that truly takes recycling to heart with stunning results. Unwanted wood is given a second life at AccentsandPetals on ArtFire. They create gorgeous flowers by carefully shaving rescued wood for each wonderful petal. I have fond memories of my grand dad out in the barn with curlicues coming from his hand plane. They can make a wide variety of flowers, so if you don't see your favorite, send them a photo and they will work botanical magic.

I am amazed by the splendor of their floral creations. The zinnias sport the dried center of a real flower for special effect. They have a line of flowers made from leaves that have been fossilized; a process of preservation giving them a very long lifetime. You will also find colorful spiral flowers that would make perfect table accents. I upcycle old maps into gift tags, but this inventive shop decoupages them into one-of-a-kind jewelry.

These exotic beauties bloom in the Philippines and are shipped internationally. You can visit them on Facebook and find their other shop on zibbet. More examples of possible bouquets, pomanders, centerpieces, corsages, and boutonnieres are found on their blog. A tutorial on building your own bouquet from an assortment of their flowers looks easy to follow, and allows you to add a personal touch. They are willing and able to make your special requests, just contact them with your ideas.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Time Flies

Hard to believe, I've been hunting Discovered Treasures for 2 years now. Each week I present an array of amazing artists, unexpected creations, and intriguing art forms. I believe these talented artists deserve a wider audience, and I'm happy to report page views now average 80 a day from a wonderful international audience. Feel free to post my beautiful Discovered Treasures blog badge, designed by Mary from WingsDove, wherever you'd like to share these truly unique finds.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce a unique, self taught treasure, Natasja, from CrocheTime on etsy. I haven't picked up my lonely hook in quite a few months, but never would have thought of a clock face. I envision Natasja's charming wall clocks perfectly placed in a nursery, crafting room, or any creative space. A true lover of color, she says you won't find black in her yarn stash.

Natasja starts the clock in England, ships internationally, and can be found on Facebook. Drop by her blog for more insight into her creative process, and follow this gifted lady's crocheting journey down the twisted path of discovery. If you would like to hook one yourself, she has a pattern in American English available with four different edgings. Remember, there is a difference between British and American crochet terms, and you may need to translate the instructions using the key she provides before getting started.

Are you ready for another year of treasures?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turkey Feathers

I'm always on the prowl for a painter with a unique canvas, and KentuckyWildThings on etsy does not disappoint. Rodger specializes in hand painting turkey feathers, which can range in size from a few inches to over a foot long. I have stroked the vanes and attempted to realign the barbs on many a feather over the years, so I can appreciate the delicate nature of this painter's canvas. His striking works are mounted in wooden frames between Plexiglas for a floating effect, and will impress any exclusive art enthusiast with their one-of-a kind beauty. What do you think of the turkey on a turkey feather?

Rodger retired from a career at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, where he probably reminded visitors 'Don't Feed The Bears' on numerous occasions. An avid outdoorsman, he continues a love of the great outdoors with his incredible animal art feathers, and also paints this treasured wildlife on Christmas ornaments. The deer decorations bring to mind the prize that eluded my dad and brothers for many years.

Rodger ruffles the feathers in Kentucky, sends his art internationally, and can be found on ebay as featherman10. Be sure to contact Rodger if you are interested in a custom piece. His exceptional works of art are sure to astonish anyone on your gift list. What a unique way to immortalize a family member, friend, or beloved pet. This creative soul also plays the guitar and continues to amaze. Sportsman's Delight is a professionally produced CD with 10 songs written and sung by Rodger!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Etched Porcelain

My introduction to clay involved a kick wheel, and it took me a while to get used to the electric version. I found an etsy shop, Sofia's Dad's Pots, that takes throwing a pot up a notch. Jim has spent many years experimenting and perfecting techniques to put intricate relief work on his masterfully crafted porcelain, creating impressive works of art. After applying a shellac resist, he uses hydro abrasion to reveal the design. I thought of how the Grand Canyon continues to be eroded away, and couldn't imagine how he accomplished this without using flowing water, but that is why he is a master potter!

 Jim's functionally artistic pieces are lead free, microwaveable, and dishwasher safe, so you can enjoy them for every day use or as intriguing focal point displays. He talks about the tactile quality in the etched pieces, and I do believe my fingers would be hard pressed not to dance on their enchanting surfaces. I can only imagine how many times his artistic pieces are caressed and marveled at during craft fairs. I find the brick pattern very pleasing, and done in yellow, has me remembering the Wizard of Oz - 'Follow the yellow brick road!'

Jim plays in the clay in Kentucky, ships internationally, and can be found on Facebook. Visit his blog to view an informative article he wrote for Pottery Making Illustrated that will take you through the process of making an etched bowl. He is a master in his craft, and I hope he is able to inspire and share his pottery genius with Sofia!