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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Primitive Dolls

I've been looking at bunnies lately with the coming of Easter, and found a warren of well dressed rabbit primitive art dolls at MorningMistDesigns on zibbet. I wasn't sure what primitive meant in art dolls, so I looked at the Online Dictionary and to summarize: primitive is art made by untrained artists who do not recognize themselves as artists. Another source says it's a style of art that deliberately rejects sophisticated artistic techniques. Nancy's creations may be in a primitive style, but these crafty creations are far from primitive.

Nancy is a true artisan; a self taught art doll maker of folk art, primitive, and Victorian style dolls. Each doll is lovingly designed, handmade, signed and dated by her. You will also find a mischief of the cutest mice in their unique finery. Whether it's a pumpkin head, snowman, witch, cat, or any of the other dolls that have struck her creative fancy, you will be delighted with the variety and uniqueness found in her shop.

Nancy designs her dolls in Virginia, is found on Facebook, and has an etsy shop. Her dolls are for display and decorative purposes only, and are not toys for children. If you have a particular doll in mind for a special occasion, be sure to contact her for a custom order. She also has decades of experience creating various themed wreaths to add old time charm to your holiday decorating.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Tisket A Tasket

A satin corded basket is what you will find in this crochet artist's etsy shop, LissaBee Creations. And yes, if you are thinking of the nursery rhyme, you can order a green and yellow basket. There are so many designs, shapes, and lid or no lid to choose from. Melissa gives her baskets a felt bottom as an elegant finishing touch. Satin cording is shiny and feels so smooth, yet rigid enough to give baskets their shape.

Melissa also makes the cutest little acorn shaped baskets with squirrel charms on the lids out of hemp twine. She has a wide range of hanging decorations that would be perfect on a Christmas tree or can bring cheer to a room year round in your favorite color. As Christmas ornaments, they can be packed away year after year with no worries of breakage. She turns her satin color pallet to unique necklace and pendant designs as well. 

Melissa artistically crochets in Virginia, ships internationally, and can be found on Facebook. Satin cording comes in so many beautiful colors, and she is happy to create the perfect basket for you. If you have a basket design and colors in mind, be sure to contact her for a custom order. Think of a basket with a lid as a very special gift box for a small treasure – a double gift for your loved one!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Painted Glass

Colorful flowers on hand painted glass vases had me exploring SylwiaGlassArt on etsy. She uses ceramic, porcelain, and glass paints to decorate each piece freehand making them unique works of art. Be sure to see some of her vase pictures showing the beautiful stained glass room glow when a tea light is used. You can special order the perfect tea cup or coffee mug for mom or dad. All the kitchenware I looked at was microwave safe, but to give your painted work of art a long life, hand washing is advised. I found the serving bowls with holes for chopsticks very interesting.

You know how passionate I am when it comes to recycling. Sylwia hand paints Tabasco bottles with little houses giving them a second life of beauty and usefulness as decorative art works! She uses other rescued glass bottles for her colorful creations. In her shop, her favorite style of bottle to paint has a Sunflower design, but she can paint yours with any design you fancy, and has many vase and bottle styles available.


Originally from Poland, Sylwia now calls California home where she paints her pretty pieces. She ships internationally and is found on Facebook. If you see a pattern you like, but prefer other colors or a different shape, be sure to contact her for a custom piece. Sylwia's love of flowers and nature takes her outside with her camera, and you will find photography in her second etsy shop SeeWorldThruMyEyes.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chinese Knotting

The butterfly first caught my eye at SarahCollection on ArtFire, as I wondered what it was made of. This artist has taken the traditional art of Chinese knotting into the 21st century with her innovative animal key chain designs. The turtles are adorable. There are frogs, spiders, ladybugs, and an unusual shrimp key chain. She has tutorial kits available too.

Sarah has knotted beautiful jewelry pieces in the Chinese tradition, and she uses Chinese knotting techniques to make lovely Celtic knot earrings. Keep an eye on this shop as she is always trying fresh designs and pushing her knotting skills to create new wonders. Be sure to see the pig! Her peaches remind me more of hearts or strawberries.

Sarah knots her colorful cords in Hong Kong, ships internationally, and has an etsy shop. More of her unique creations are on her website, where you will find a tutorial for the dragonfly and rose in the DIY Zone. Try your hand at some of the knots in the Knots Tutorials. She has so many lovely pieces, but if you are interested in a different color or combination, be sure to contact her.