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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Nicely Knit

I never mastered knitting, and crochet is my yarn twisting hobby. I found this amazing shop, TheHunnyBunnyCompany, on zibbet full of adorable knit animals. It brings back tender memories of my mom knitting little pocket rabbits for my brothers, and even a turtle for me. I know how much work and love goes into these adorable Hunny Bunny friends, and they will be passed down and treasured for generations.

My dad would hide a bunny in the living room and my brothers and I would search for it. What a wonderful game that was.
I can relate to this knitter's overwhelming string of creative ideas, and knot enough time to get them done as quickly as she would like. Having or giving one of these handmade treasures is so uplifting. Her creations have gone out internationally giving hugs and smiles.

She crafts her huggable critters in the United Kingdom, ships internationally, and is also found on Etsy. Whether you are looking for a kitten, rabbit, elephant, Scottie dog, or mermaid, custom orders are welcome.