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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Insect Art

For several years, one of my sons was interested in bug collecting. We had a net, killing jar, and pin boxes, so I found BugUnderGlass on etsy fascinating and couldn't pass up showing it to you. Kevin is an artist biologist with a passion for education, conservation, and sustainability. He has a burgeoning business creating museum quality art pieces by mounting farm-raised insects. What a thoughtful gift one of these taxidermied specimens would make for a budding entomologist or teacher.

Kevin composes insect dioramas sure to bring a smile, and he has blank note cards depicting several of these scenes, making his art very accessible. The motorcycle riding Weevil Knievel is my favorite. He has also developed a unique line of butterfly wing jewelry. You will marvel at striking butterflies professionally mounted for display, and I find those hovering over a map background very appealing.

Kevin is in my neck of the woods in California, ships internationally, and can be found on Facebook. He is also an official San Francisco Green Business, and has a well designed website. There are many interesting things to see in his well stocked shop, with more being added. Did you know moths could be so colorful? Be sure to stop by and enjoy the walking stick, scorpion, and cicada among other beauties!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beaded Rope

I almost called this post 'The Beaded Snake' as that is what came to mind when I first saw one of Nona's necklaces at Lanmom on etsy. Wondering how they are made, I was surprised to find that individual strands of beads are crocheted together forming these wonderful patterns. This artist's true passion for crochet is quite evident in the variety of her shop's hooked offerings.

Nona takes some pretty snaps, and I did a double-take on her photo of a well watered red raspberry to make sure it wasn't a beaded double. She also has a line of retro bracelets, and it's nice to see another innovative soul using pop caps. Her hand is in macramé and card making too. Nona must have a 'Got to try this list' as long as mine.

This busy lady calls Utah home, sends internationally, and is found on Facebook. Be sure to take a stroll through her inspired shop and see where the creative spirit has lead her. So, as Monty Python and Nona put it...And now for something completely different...Amazing wearable art created one bead at a time!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Cool Breeze

If the hot weather has you wishing for a cool breeze, you can catch it at Olele on etsy where gorgeous Spanish hand fans will have you comfortably passing the time. Karmele has created a grand array of elegant fans, finding her inspiration in beautiful Japanese floral and bold African designs. She expertly stretches starched fabrics over exotic wooden staves to create these very useful eye-catching fashion accessories complete with carrying case. Be sure to see her lacquered fan in stunning black and red.

Karmele also keeps busy with a line of snappy fabric backed pocket mirrors. These are quite the handy accessory for any purse, and would certainly be appreciated gifts. She makes interesting fabric covered button earrings too. Special requests are welcomed, and I think her fans or mirrors would make the perfect bridesmaids thank you.

Where would you expect to find the creator of a Spanish hand fan? Why, in Spain, of course. She ships her fashionable fans internationally, can be found on Facebook, has a blog, and a start on zibbet, where I first found her. If you are interested in a left-handed fan, contact Karmele before placing an order to check availability. It's so nice to see an option for south paws.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Wild Right Hook

I was struck by the incredible beauty of the crocheted mandalas found in CAROcreated on etsy. I had never seen such extensive use of overlay stitches before and the result is amazing. This shop is filed with hooked wonders, and I really like the crocodile stitch used in one of the owl patterns. Having written crochet patterns myself, I know the immeasurable time through trial-and-error that goes into this creative process. This is the first crocheted sea urchin and sand dollar I have ever seen, and they are perfect!

There is so much in this innovative shop to discover. This artist also has a line of handcrafted waldorf inspired Kawaii dolls perfect for any collector. Patterns are also available for a beary cute line of bears.

This beautiful artwork comes from Germany and is sent internationally. Should you have a custom doll request or any questions, please contact the shop. If you are ready to hook a unique gift for someone special, be sure to check in with this artist from time to time for wondrous new crochet patterns. Keep in mind that there are differences in crochet nomenclature, so you may have to translate the pattern before you get started.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Classy Clutches

You will feel like a princess with an elegant clutch designed by Briana from FoxburyAndCo on etsy. Working from an impressive super stash of gorgeous fabrics this lady will make your handbag an eye-catching outfit accessory. Her bags come in a variety of sizes and styles, with all aspects open to customization. Pick your silk dupioni lining from the color choices found on Flickr.

Briana loves to sew in Virginia, ships internationally, is found on Facebook, and recently started a shop on zibbet. She also has a line of beautiful baubles, necklaces and earrings ready to complete your royal touch. Here is the perfect shop to find bridesmaid accessories and gifts.