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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

Here is an exceptional etsy shop that brings buttons to a fine art level. What a delightful use for these simple little colored discs with holes. Arranging the colors in amusing patterns as a mosaic artist or quilted might, Jillian of JillianReneDecor creates one-of-a-kind framed artwork. These buttons are not sewn with thread, but each piece is hand woven using thin gauge wire. The intricate wire structure creates dimension and depth, giving it a sculptural appearance; amazing!

Her artistic energy has also expressed itself in the pillows she creates. Her choice of fabrics with eye-catching color and design are sure to brighten any room. Working with stripes is difficult at best, but Jillian has done a wonderful job putting this bold striped fabric into a stunning pillow, accented of course, with a button.

Jillian works in Virginia, can be found on Facebook, and ships internationally. Stop by her shop to view a colorful garden of button flowers! Now….who’s got the button?