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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Of Mice and Rabbits

I am struck by the sheer charm and attention to detail found in this very special doll shop, DollsAndBunnies, on etsy. Here you will find an entire colony of unique mice, each dressed to impress. There are bunnies and bears, and other cuddly animals waiting for their forever home.

Ella has been knitting and sewing her delightful dolls for many years. A large family of children and grandchildren has given her plenty of experience. With nimble fingers and loving patience she fashions those little arms, legs, and tails. The effort she puts into each of her pieces is not only demonstrated in their superb construction and detail, but also by their presentation portraits.

If you are looking for an understanding friend, a class of young ladies has just completed finishing school and would make excellent best friends. The Dorothy doll very much reminds me of the Madeline series of books. Ella also crochets a line of cupcake pincushions that would brighten any work area, and you can order one in your favorite colors!

Ella crafts her dolls in Israel, and ships worldwide. Just look at all those precious little faces. What a delightful surprise one of these wee ones will be peeking out from under a tree Christmas morning!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blowing Glass

Glass blowing has been around since ancient times, and Kelly at KLGlass on ArtFire has embraced this traditional art form with a passion. Her shop has a wonderful selection of amazing glass works, from elegant vases to fanciful kritters. How cute are those bugs on sticks? Many believed the duckbilled platypus to be an elaborate hoax, and she will have you looking twice at her collection of whimsical creatures.

Tired of the same old, boring, mass-produced, everybody has one, tree ornaments? Kelly’s blown glass balls in vibrant original colors will make unique Christmas gifts, sure to be treasured for many years. She also has a line of lovely angels, perfect for a Christmas tree, but for me the showstopper is a friendly little elf ornament.

Kelly rolls her blowpipe in Canada and ships internationally. Drop by her website for more artistic works by this outstanding artisan. If you have an idea for a special piece, she is eager to help bring your glass dream into reality. If you pass by the Stony Creek area of Ontario, a visit to her studio would be a memorable excursion, and she would enjoy sharing her love of this traditional art form with you.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quilted Wall Art

Years ago, wall hangings were a way of keeping out the drafts, but they have become less utilitarian and evolved into amazing and unique works or art. Armed with a pallet of colorful fabrics in a range of textures, this ArtFire shop, UniquelyJenQuiltCreations, specializes in piecing together intriguing art quilts. Working from an impressive stash in a well-organized studio, this fiber artist designs exceptional scenes to grace your walls. Jen combines textiles with other fibers and beads, bringing to life the scenes from her imagination.

Jen has enjoyed teaching creative quilting for many years. She also makes traditional lap or bed quilts, and for the kitchen, she has beautifully coordinated oven mitts and hot pads. I have never seen anything like her wonderful line of fabric coasters that fit right over the bottom of stemware. Her fabric art postcards make the perfect little artistic displays to brighten up a desk or bookshelf.

This active lady sews up a storm in Idaho, ships internationally, and can be found on Facebook. Don’t hesitate to contact Jen if you have a question of special order in mind. If you are near her in Northern Idaho, attending one of her artistic quilt classes could spark a creative design epiphany of your own.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sugar Lace

Were you ever told not to eat paper as a child? Well here is paper you can freely eat and enjoy! The sweetsocietybakery shop found on etsy has a wonderful selection of lacey delights to accent your culinary creations. Edible decorating paper comes in many colors, and it can be sweetened or not. These charming designs will add visual appeal and kick up the simplest dishes a notch. Watching them magically dissolve in a liquid is great fun!

The sweet treats come from California and are shipped internationally. Special requests are welcome. Order a thoughtful garnish for a baby shower, wedding, or any special event you wish to make memorable. There are so many possibilities!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marble Mailling

There are many shops offering chainmaille jewelry, but this outstanding ArtFire shop, Sneath, has taken mailling to a surprising level. Beyond an impressive array of bracelets, some which glow in the dark, you will discover unusual earrings featuring caged marbles. I find the Tao Dragon Tail* weave to be very pleasing. Glen also has an eye-catching line of mailled marble key chains, which can be converted to pendants. Some of his marbles contain trace amounts of uranium and emit a harmless eerie glow under backlights.

Glen was inspired after a Lord of the Rings marathon to have a hand at creating his own chainmail. His interest turned into a hobby, and has since grown into a small business. Popular at craft shows, he now offers his artistic pieces online. Find this young artist modeling his amazing chainmaille neckties on his blog. What a show-stopping gift for dad!

Glen mailles the magic in California, ships internationally, can be found on Facebook, and has an etsy shop. If you have any questions or would like a custom piece, he would be glad to hear from you.

*Tao Dragon Tail is a Tao of the Dragon variation weave by Corvus Chainmaille.