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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pet Rocks & Viking Knit Chain

As with so many artisans, creative energy has been expressed in more than one art form. Catherine combines the talent of an artist and the skills of a jewelry maker to offer a delightful selection of hand painted pet rocks along with wire wrap and wire sculptured jewelry in this enchanting shop found on ArtFire, A Tabby Cat Arts.

Gaze into the penetrating blue eyes of a Siamese cat as they peer up inquisitively, "Can I come home with you?" This pet rock is named Ston after a stoic Star Trek Vulcan, and you know how much I love the old series.

Inspired by a piece of blue sea glass, take a look at this magnificent one-of-a-kind treasure. The sea glass has been majestically cradled in a copper wire sculpture and suspended from a Viking knit chain. Such beautiful craftsmanship! Take a peek at her shop to view a host of unique creations.

Catherine works in Oregon and will ship internationally. As I discovered her ArtFire shop first, I have featured that shop; however, she can also be found on etsy where you will find a larger selection of pet rocks and copper wire treasures.


  1. As I look at the two pieces I selected side by side, the colors they share are striking.

  2. neat shop, the fox paperweight is my favorite!

  3. I't makes me want to make a pet rock. My dog Bella will be jealous.