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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Puzzle Me This

These stunning treasure boxes caught my eye on oka-craft, an Artfire shop. The lovely wood piecing Hiroyuki does reminds me of quilting patterns. These intricate designs are made with different woods and the colors are all natural. I still can't figure out the Rubik's Cube puzzle, so these artistic brain teasers would present me with quite a challenge. The size of a puzzle box is measured with a traditional Japanese length measuring system called SUN where 1 sun is about 1.22 inches or 3.09 centimeters.

The art of crafting a Japanese puzzle box has been around for over 100 years and is called Himitsu Bako in Japan. Each box must be turned, pushed, and moved in a very specific way. It is impossible to open unless the exact steps designed for each box are followed. It can take any number of moves depending on the cunning of the box designer. The wooden designs are made in large blocks then delicately shaved. These shavings are then glued to adorn the box surfaces. I thought of how designs are made in taffy or Fimo clay rolls, but this is wood, and all those little bits have to be perfectly glued in place – amazing! My husband says this is a common wood working technique, marquetry, for making fancy designs on guitars.

Hiroyuki makes these incredible show stoppers in Japan and ships internationally. He has a website and can be found on etsy. These would be great conversation pieces on a desk or coffee table. Which end is up? What is concealed within? How do I get it open? No worries. You won't have to spend weeks discovering the trick. Each box comes with instructions.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Candle Carving

How precious it is when the skills and love of a craft are passed down from parent to child. This is the case at WildwoodGeneralStore on zibbet. Brian is a second generation chandler, an old-time term for candle maker, and has an impressive array of carved beauties for burning. These lovely wax art works will be sitting pretty for many years to come. After the candle has burned down an inch or so, you can put tea lights in your candle and enjoy the glorious glow without melting the wax sculpture.

Another team member is his wife Wynne, an accomplished artist and art professor at a local college. She paints, blacksmiths, and follows wherever the creative spirit takes her. Find her unique chandeliers on her website. There is definitely a creative gene in this family. Stop by their second etsy shop where they team up with Wynne's brother and dog prints on fabric wine gift bags.

Brian and Wynne keep busy in Georgia, ship to the United States, and can be found on facebook carving away. They have an etsy candle shop and a website getting underway. If you need custom colors for a special occasion, be sure to contact Brian, who is happy to discuss your candle design. Surrounded by such creative and talented parents, their children are sure to excel is the art of their choice.