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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Handcrafted Miniatures by Artist K. Stahler

When I first saw the little snowshoe hare picture on ArtFire, I thought I was going to see a wildlife photography shop. You can imagine my surprise and amazement when I discovered Kay’s K9s (closed) your destination shop for animal miniatures. If you would like to have your beloved pet immortalized, Kay says a pet portrait sculpture is ‘The next best thing to pet cloning!’ and after viewing her work, I’m sure you will agree.

Drop by her shop to see an array of animals waiting for a home. If you are not quite ready to adopt one of Kay’s little critters, but would still like to admire her work, delightful photos of her creations are available as prints, greeting cards, and postcards.

Kay works in Canada, ships internationally, and can be found on etsy. Visit her website if you would like more information on making a custom order. You can also find her on Facebook.


  1. I like the doggy's pink nose.

  2. not even kidding, I thought that miniature was real, and I was going "how is that dog so tiny" haha. should read post before looking at photos :) very cool though!

  3. Amazing! Those are incredible! What talent!