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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mesoamerican Art

My exploration of zibbet revealed one of those 'you'll never find it anywhere else shops', michaelgoard. Michael gets his creative inspiration from the Mesoamerican cultures of the ancient Aztec and Mayan. He uses enriched concrete and replicates Aztec and Mayan glyphs on tiles, dishes, garden decoration, and wall art. His wondrous works remind me of spectacular History Channel shows and archaeological specials on foreign lands, and they take my husband back to his childhood by Tazumal.

Michael is also an accomplished silversmith and lapidarist. Many of his jewelry pieces honor the rich cultures of the past. Be sure to see the Mayan glyph 'mountain' jade pendant, and the Aztec 'movement' Glyph necklace. He has also taken his hand to painting, drawing on Mesoamerica for inspiration in a series of colorful interpretations.

Michael revives the past in my part of the woods in California, and can ship internationally if you contact him. This gentleman loves the art world, and much more about his restoration work, mural painting, and art services is found on his website. He also has a shop on etsy. If you are interested in a custom or large order, be sure to contact him. My mom is going to adore the coaster for Mother's day! She doesn't use a computer, so I can tell you.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Beadwoven Brooches

I was struck by the unique beauty of the weaving and colorful design in the beaded brooches found in enchantedbeads on etsy. Ileana strings seed beads and uses shells, lovely stones, larger beads, and other interesting items in her unique creations. Many of her works are one-of-kind wearable art pieces. A web of beads strategically placed over a sea shell makes an intriguing necklace. If you are ready to give beading a go, be sure to take a look at her tutorials, and don't miss the cute owl, which is suitable as a brooch or pendant.

Ileana is an award winning artist and designs much more than brooches. The beaded brooches drew me in, but after I went exploring in her shop, I discovered the full wonder of her creativity; earrings, both pierced and clip on, a host of rings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets, and awesome beaded boxes for a special gift.

Ileana makes bead magic in New York, ships internationally, and is found on Facebook. Stop by her second etsy shop at enchantedbeas for more jewelry offerings. Visit her website where you can see more of her amazing designs. Check the exhibition schedule to find her work at a gallery near you. She does such beautiful work.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rags to Rugs

There are many styles of rag rugs, and I found an artist creating the crocheted version at PineywoodsFolkArts on etsy. The traditional art of rug making with rags is a refreshing return of the waste-not-want-not concept that has nearly lost its voice in our disposable world. When the idea of throwing anything away was a last resort, worn clothing, linens, and fabric scraps were put to good use in rug making. Although we no longer need these rugs to cover dirt floors or keep out drafts as so many generations before us did, we can appreciate the rebirth of a T-shirt, which has seen its last useful day, into the mosaic of a useful rug that will be around for many years to come.

This mother and daughter team produces a shop of rag rugs and jewelry, and each incorporates rescued materials in their artistic pieces. Daughter Bean handles the crochet hook with ease in her transformation of seemingly useless rag to beautiful and durable rag rugs. Andi is the self professed jewelry geek with a recycler's heart. Be sure to see her fishing lure earrings; perfect for anyone who patiently waits hours for that exciting nibble at the end of a line.

This terrific team calls Texas home, ships to the United States, and is found on Facebook. They have a presence on ArtFire. Most of their creations are one-of-a-kind, but if you are interested in a special jewelry or rug design, they are waiting to hear from you. Fabrics from a loved one can be made into a mantel or table decoration, as well as a rug. It's nice to see a shop where Recycling Works!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Trolling Compliments

I ran across a very interesting mix of shop treasures in a husband and wife team, ronisboutique, on etsy. Do you remember the troll craze of the 1960s? If you are ready to update your troll's wardrobe, this is the designer shop of dream gowns. Your little one will be the best dressed troll in town sporting a one-of-a-kind frock and hair piece, and boy, do these trolls have hair!

Beyond tailor to the trolls, the lady of this team keeps her crochet hook busy with a wide selection of doilies and other crocheted items. The gentleman is busy out in his wood shop with intarsia inspired art works among other things. He cuts out an artistic design making a wood jigsaw puzzle from a plain piece of pine, the pieces are colorfully dyed, and the work is precisely reassembled transforming it into lovely hanging wall art. The flowers are perfect for Mother's day or her birthday.

This precision team creates in California, ships internationally, and is found on Facebook. They have shops on bonanza and zibbet with a greater selection of their work and offerings. His handcrafted wooden toy airplane is so precious. Custom orders are welcome, and they look forward to creating the perfect piece for you!