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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3D Origami by ESpressions

It’s amazing what this dynamic duo does with a little paper. Artistically gifted twin sisters, Elisa and Sophia, have been creatively crafting sculptures from paper for years. Running across a cute little owl in their Zibbet shop opened the door for me to explore this talented twosome.
ESpressions has a website where you can get to know the artists, check for upcoming events, and see their delightful works in a rainbow of colors.
Hanging ornaments, cupcakes, dragons, swans, and so much more await your visit. Flowers and vases in the bridesmaids colors would be perfect reception centerpieces. Pikachu or one of a myriad of characters would make a unique decoration for a themed birthday party and certainly add to the day’s excitement. There are so many possibilities with this shop's extensive range of paper folding skills.
The twins fold their paper in Massachusetts, and would be happy to create a custom 3D Origami sculpture for you!