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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Parliament of Owls

Who's hiding in the fruit bowl? It may be a grape sized owl from LuaTuomi, on ArtFire, where you will discover the most amazing little owl charms, each with their own name and back story. Individually made, these wee ones are painted in vibrant colors and fanciful plumage patterns not found in any Audubon Field Guide. Lua must work with brushes the size of a cat's whisker and paint the size of a mist drop to create these dainty works of art.

Hand carved and painted by Lua's inspired hand, these one-of-a-kind treasures are sure to get a double-take hanging around your neck or proudly displayed under a glass dome in the curio cabinet. Any one of her necklaces would make a wonderful surprise for an owl collector!

Lua's owls are roosting in Finland and migrate internationally. Her domain, www.luatuomi.com, currently points to her ArtFire shop. Drop by her Facebook fan page and check out the photos for more owl friends. Be sure to see the owl reading a book, and the photo snapping owl!

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