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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Woolykins World

Now it's time for some fun in the imaginative world of Woolykins. Jennifer has created a fanciful shop on Etsy to showcase her unique needle felted wool creations. The names and little stories she creates for each piece really bring her one-of-a-kind creatures to life. No two masterpieces ever turn out quite the same, assuring you that each is an exceptional collectible artwork.

She also has very vibrant fantasy animal notecards to cheer up anyone’s day. Jennifer can be found working her creative magic at two other Etsy shops: WoolyGeeks, where you will find more wooly creations including Mario shrooms, and JenniferHayesArt, which features original paintings and mixed media art.

Jennifer discovers her little friends in Ohio, and ships internationally. Have you seen a little one that is tugging at your heartstrings for adoption? Although these felted creatures are well constructed, they are not intended as toys for children.


  1. Oh my! These guys are adorable as well as their stories! I love pretty much anything felted!

  2. They're super cute! I am especially a fan of the Vampire Bun. ^.^