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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Playing With Wood

Following in his father's footsteps, this master carpenter and cabinetmaker has spent a lifetime perfecting his woodworking skills. He is now having fun designing and making a unique line of wooden toys perfect to enhance any little one’s imaginative play. Whether you are looking for a drill, toaster, sewing machine, push Penguin, or carving turkey, you will find it at SSWoodcraft, an Etsy shop.

This lovely jewelry box caught my eye with the charming tumbling block quilt pattern on top. There is a birdhouse that looks like a big die. How unique would that be hanging from a tree? He has created a very popular line of handgun shaped walking canes, and carries extra canes in his car because people ask to buy the one he's sporting when he's out and about. My favorite is the colt 45. You will also find boot jacks, ceramic tile trivets, and scroll saw artwork.

His magical workshop is in Montana, and he ships to Canada. It was hard to pick two pictures to feature for this shop because he has so many interesting and unique creations. Stop by and take a look. It sure feels like Santa's workshop to me! I'm sure we have discovered one of Santa's suppliers.


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