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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Turning Wood

Uncovering the hidden beauty in a block of wood seems like an impossible task, but here's an Artfire shop (shop has closed-go to his website) that performs this task with great regularity. Steve of Steveswoodartanddesign has discovered his passion, working with wood, and makes one-of-a-kind bowls, candle holders, and specialty items. He not only can find the beauty in a single block of wood, but he glues different woods together to create elegant collaborations of color and grain.

If you would like to have your wooden artwork made from a specific wood, or in a particular pattern or finish, Steve will be happy to work with you in creating your vision. Trained in graphic design as well as woodworking, he is up to the challenge. Each of his unique art pieces is numbered, hand signed, and dated.

Steve crafts the heirloom pieces of tomorrow in California and ships internationally. His unique creations are found on his website.

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