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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vintage Handkerchiefs

Not too long ago I was watching a sewing show and they were using colorful hankies to embellish clothing. I remember thinking how beautiful the designs they used were, and wondering where to find them. That question is answered in a delightful new etsy shop, seafoamSAFARI.

Angelique has a very attractive selection of vintage handkerchiefs along with a few other vintage items. There are wonderful floral patterns in a bouquet of colors ready for any crafting project. Whether you give these as gifts or use them for clothing or pillow decorating, there is sure to be a hankie or two perfect for you.

As I am preparing this feature, a sale of seven hankies has gone through – congratulations! Here is another shop you may want to drop a heart on.


  1. I love these!
    My mother used to buy them at the 10 cent store and crochet a lacy border around the edges.
    Thanks for the lovely little trip down memory lane.

  2. I love the bunnies. too cute