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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Clean Sweep

This shop on zibbet, Skagit BroomWorks, is doing their best to help you clean up. Kevin and Sarah Miller have a passion for traditional broom making. Their brooms are made from 100% North American broomcorn, which provides many years of use. Each of their brooms is constructed by hand using the same methods used by the Shakers in the 1800's . Special orders are not a problem, and if you have a favorite handle, they will dress it with the perfect broom.

I have been around plenty of corn fields, and couldn't figure out where the broomcorn came from. It turns out it has nothing to do with corn at all, but is a common name used for sorghum, which includes various species of grasses, and is apparently very good for making scrubbing and sweeping devices. Did you know that hanging a broom to dry after sweeping a damp surface will prolong its life?

 The Miller's have a well swept store in Washington State, which I understand smells wonderful and is a great place to pick out your own broom. They ship to the United States, are found on Facebook, with a larger shop on etsy. Find a lovely picture of this remarkable team on their website, where you can order from them directly. They even take phone orders. Pure beeswax candles is another undertaking for their shop, and you will find a great selection of sizes.

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