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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Magic of Raku

For hundreds of years the raku style of creating and firing pottery has lead to a wealth of unique, hand formed pieces. The magic of raku is revealed after the second firing when the artist scrubs off the soot revealing the completed piece. This traditional art form is continued at WildfirePottery on zibbet where Sarah lovingly forms each of her art works by hand. Second generation to the pottery craft, Sarah uses her talents in the realm of artistic expression with her love of nature's abundance to produce a delightful array of animals. Penguins, puffins, starfish, playful seals, and fun owl rattles are waiting to be discovered in her shop.

If you haven't seen enough puffins, stop by her second zibbet shop, Theartfulbadger, for a selection of buttons and greeting cards. I do like her Celtic designs.

Sarah fires up the kiln in Canada, ships internationally, can be found on Facebook, and also maintains an etsy shop. You will find more of her charming sculptures on her website, and a very well done video will give you a peek in her studio as she explains her creative process. If you would like to hear this multi-talented lady fiddle away, check out this CBC television spot. My husband is a luthier, and the community Sarah lives in sounds amazing.

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