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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flower Fancy

This flower filled shop on Zibbet, lagodesigns, may have the bees fooled with a garden of impressive floral beads fashioned from polymer clay. Diana creates her exquisite tiny beads in an array of colors and flower designs, which come together with dazzling beads to make striking statement pieces of wearable art. Her bold feminine designs are true one-of-a-kind treasures and sure to be the focal point of any outfit.

With hair pins to shoe clips, Diana’s designs will have you shining from head to toe. I like the cheerful gerbera daisies, but you will find orchids, roses, crocus, delicate apple and cherry blossoms, as well as tulips among the garden dwellers. If you are thinking of making your own floral beads, Diana has several tutorials to take you through the process of creating the flowers, then putting them together in your unique statement necklace.

Diana’s flower garden grows in Portugal. She ships internationally, and can be found on etsy. Visit her website for detailed pictures of her wonderful creations – such nice photos! These works of art will be enjoyed for many years.

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