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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Duck, Duck…Goose!

You won’t be running with one of these delicate treasures. Michael’s shop on etsy, Eggstreme, is where you will discover a nest of eggsquisitely hand carved and bejeweled eggs. Working with duck, goose, emu, and ostrich eggs, this artist creates one-of-a-kind Faberge-style egg art to be enjoyed by any collector.

The duck egg with all the holes is named Bubbles, but I thought of Swiss cheese. Safely holding such a delicate work seems like an accomplishment in itself, let alone keeping it in one piece during the transformation process. He even crafts music box eggs to play a tune, and a diorama egg ornament. The original dark color and mottled pattern created by carving the emu egg are very interesting. The rose trellis ostrich egg must look very impressive when lit up in a darkened room.

Michael carves these eggseptional art works with his gentle touch in the United States and ships internationally. What an eggstra special ring box one of these gilded eggs would make. A family heirloom; sure to be cherished as the proposal story is recounted to children and grandchildren!