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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Discovered Treasures

My adventure in creative discovery and blogging began April 27, 2010 with my first feature, Rebecca of PeadenScottDesigns, and her delightful pop-up cards. Over this past year I featured 71 amazing artists, and was introduced to several new art forms. Those publicly following my blog have grown to 340, and I average 27 views a day from a wonderful international audience!

This has been a year of growth and change for us all. I recently went through the features making sure all their links were active. Sad to say, but several of the Discovered Treasures have closed their shops, while others have taken their creative expression in new directions. I edit the links in my posts keeping them current when I become aware of changes, since keyword search traffic finds some of my features everyday, and I want my posts to remain relevant.

Your comments encourage me in my weekly hunt for those amazing shops that have gone unnoticed, and I am sure they are very much appreciated by the featured artists. The creative energy I have seen online is awesome, and I hope you have found the Discovered Treasures to be inspiring.

Are you ready for another year of discoveries?

Spread the word - These exceptional artists deserve a greater audience for their unique craft, and if you missed a few, browse the Past Discovered Treasures!


  1. Happy anniversary! That's a great idea to go through old pages to make sure the links are still active. My blog is still very new but I'll remember that tip for later!

  2. Happy Anniversary.

    New follower from http://bigjandlittlej.blogspot.com

  3. Tricia - I use an excel spread sheet now with active links. This makes it a lot quicker than going through the blog posts. lol - I discovered this after going through the blog posts.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I really admire what you're doing.