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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Creative Crochet

The colorful basket weave crocheted afghan at LovingHandsCrochet, an Etsy shop, caught my eye. I have seen this interesting design done before in fabrics, but never knit or crocheted. What a warm blanket this must be, and her stained glass blanket reminds me of one I made many years ago to put away loose ends. Her shop has a wonderful selection of machine washable afghans ready to adorn your rocking chair and wrap you in handmade elegance.

A strong passion for crochet is this lady’s driving force, but I don't know where this homeschooling mother of five finds time to make all her delightful creations. She has the cutest little outfit and animal hat patterns available in her shop, and a very nice shamrock afghan pattern. If you love her designs, but don’t have the time or inclination to make it yourself, she will crochet one of her patterns for you. The elephant hat would be so special for your little one to wear as they tour the zoo!

She magically twists her yarn in Colorado and ships internationally. I first ran across her treasures on zibbet, and she can also be found on Facebook. I can truly appreciate the time she invests in each of her crocheted masterpieces. If you don't see your favorite color, just ask and she will be happy to work with you.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring me! It's a wonderful surprise today!

  2. I love crochet items, something I can not do but admire!