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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Mouse in the House

You won't need to set a trap for this mouse in your house. Welcome to Mumsey's Mouse House, a delightful Etsy shop filled with adorable little friends looking for a home. Each mouse is uniquely handcrafted and would be the perfect gift for any avid mouse collector. The mice are approximately 4 inches tall and the tiny accessories they hold add enormous charm, bringing their characters to life. Wherever did that little violin come from?

This shop was created from an artist’s passion. As mice began to fill the house and when friends began asking for them, it was time to set up a mouse adoption agency. Each one is crafted with love and attention to detail, and their little personalities seem to magically spring forth during the creation process. How charming a small mouse would be as a Christmas decoration, which reminds me of reading Santa Mouse during the holiday.

The mouse workshop is in the United States and mice are shipped internationally. Each MumseyMouse comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, which includes a picture of your special little visitor. The mouse’s name on the certificate can be whatever you like, further personalizing your selection. If you have a particular mouse in mind, please contact Mumsey for a custom order. These are not children's toys, and are at their best when proudly displayed.


  1. Cute!

  2. Darling! Love them both!! This kind of mouse in my house is A OK with me!!

  3. oh they are adorable indeed - I'm off to look at more!

  4. Oh my! Mumsymouse is so adorable.


  5. very sweet :) i love the little tennis playing one shes just too cute!