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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Masquerade Ball

The intricately cut leather work of masks and headbands can be found at a breathtaking Artfire shop, Tom Banwell Designs. If you want to make an impression at a masquerade ball, your unique designer leather mask will be found here. Bugs, Beatles, butterflies and bunnies are all found in an array of colors. You will enjoy browsing through this shop as each page presents with unexpected delights. Look at the span of the horns on that goat helmet!

A serious steampunk fan will discover a range of unparalleled leather helmets and masks guaranteed to be the hit at your next steampunk event. Tom also has a line of distinctive steampunk top hats. The Victorian cut work on the riding hat is amazing. Be sure to get a look at the plague doctor’s mask, my daughter’s favorite. Long ago, it was thought that bad smells would make one sick. Masks like this would be worn with potpourri in the beak protecting the wearer from plague.

This husband and wife team tools in California, ships internationally, and has an Etsy shop. More steampunk items can be found on their Facebook fan page. If you have a special request, Tom enjoys the challenge of a custom order. I like the simple elegance of the Celtic knot headband. This was such an interesting and fun shop to write up!


  1. WOW these designs are so intricate, you can see that so much work has gone into them.

  2. LOVE the red & black mask, fabulous.