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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Artful Gourd

Amazing – Simply amazing! Pyroengraved gourds are found at JRAGourdArt, a museum quality gourd art shop on etsy. I know pyrography or pyroengraving as wood burning. Jennifer has chosen to enhance the simple beauty and natural wonder of ordinary gourds with her intricate freehand designs, many of which feature Celtic symbols. She works with several gourd varieties transforming them into one-of-a-kind works of art. I had never seen canteen gourds before, from which she fashions exquisite hard shell purses.

When I showed this incredible artist to a daughter, she commented on how erasing must be difficult. Jenn’s Tree of Life bowl featuring her backyard friends, a squirrel and a number of birds, in a tree framed with beautiful Celtic weaves is a pyrography must see. She labored on this treasure for months.

The process of growing a gourd and preparing it as a usable canvas takes over a year. When properly dried, gourds can be worked on just like wood. Smaller artworks are available as precious Christmas tree ornaments made from egg gourds. If you shake one of these, you will hear the seeds inside!

Jenn patiently burns her wonders in Pennsylvania and ships internationally if possible. Find more of her unique work on her website. She is glad to take custom orders and will personalize a prized family heirloom just for you. If you live nearby, consider taking one of her gourd classes!

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