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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paper Cuts

Few things are quite as exciting as passing down the skills of a traditional art form to the next generation. This gentleman was fortunate enough to have grandparents mentor him in the art of paper cutting and painting, and the amazing results can be found at swipxa, on Etsy. When my husband saw the country road, he thought it was an ink work.

Steady hands and painstaking attention to detail allow this artisan to create his delicate paper lace designs, which come ready to be framed and will certainly be the conversation piece in any room. These incredible art works can be prepared in a single color or hand painted to please after they are cut out. Zhang can turn a photo into a paper cutout to commemorate a special person or event, so be sure to contact him for custom orders.

Zhang skillfully maneuvers those sharp blades in China and ships internationally. You will also find him at Bonanza, where I am in awe at the zebras through a chain-linked fence.

See him at work in a YouTube video, although the audio is in Chinese.

I have admired this artist for quite some time and have seen great growth in his shop offerings. I hope he will be able to continue his family heritage and pass this craft on to his daughter.


  1. This is stunning, can't wait to see the demo on YouTube.

  2. So cool! I wish I had the patience for that. :)