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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Candid Camera

Finding a wonderful photo at NatureVisions (closed), on Artfire, has brought back fond memories of quail darting about outside my kitchen window. Unfortunately, they are long gone. Daughter Erica’s photography in this mother and daughter shop is remarkable. I have enough trouble photographing stationary items in my light box. I can’t imagine getting everything set outdoors to capture a critter before it disappeared. That coyote looks friendly, until he goes after your chickens!

Nancy is the other half of this nature inspired team, creating paintings and sculptures. You won’t want to miss her 3-D wall hangings of carousel horses, true one-of-a-kind creations, and perfect for any collector. She has also brought to life a fun and fanciful Mystical Mouse™ line of little friends, which are sure to bring a smile and brighten anyone’s day.

Nancy and Erica pursue their crafts in Utah, ship most items internationally, and can be found on Facebook. An informative bio of this dynamic duo can be found at their Etsy shop, where you will also find links to their other Etsy shops.


  1. Lovely feature! The photography really is amazing.

    I love quail. It must have been wonderful to have them running around outside your window. ^__^

  2. I just got the message for this, Suzanne, thank you so much for such a wonderful feature! Thanks, too, for the kind words, jamberry_song. What a great surprise! Today is Nancy's birthday, so it's also a nice present:-)

  3. Thanks for Liking Bless Others With Cards on FB. Liked you back and I'm also happy to be your newest follower of your wonderful blog! :)

    Would love for you to follow back.

    Lisa xoxo

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