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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gourdgeous Art

That's exactly what you will find at this charming Artfire shop, Simplygourdgeousart. Gourd artist Hilary Bell has created a line of delightful gourd birdhouses. She skillfully paints these one-of-a-kind gourd canvasses making each an eye-catching garden display, certain to become the artistic focal point of your backyard. Your little friends may not appreciate the artistry that has gone into decorating these homes, but the increased property value will certainly have them squabbling over the real estate.

Hilary has spent nearly a decade crafting with gourds, and thoroughly enjoys it! She creates impressive gourd bowls, bird feeders, and Christmas ornaments among other outstanding gourd items. She also enjoys working with glass and creates lovely magnets. Another passion is handcrafting wooden buttons out of fallen tree branches. What an exciting addition these rustic buttons would be to a hand-knit sweater.

Hilary works in Florida, ships internationally, and can also be found on Etsy. If you have a particular color or design in mind, she would be happy to take a custom order. These painted treasures are absolutely fabulous!


  1. those are awesome! Very very nice!

  2. These gourds are beautiful. Enjoyed your feature article.