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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Look at the Bears!

Delightful, handmade, collectible bear ornaments to mark the years or accomplishments. Here is a keepsake treasure to uniquely celebrate and remember the milestones of life. Your very own special crocheted bear is made to last and be passed down. These bears will be enjoyed for many years, and would make thoughtful gifts.

These special Christmas ornaments become a family's oral history as you lovingly place them on the tree each year and recall their significance to friends and family.

This exciting shop, Heirloomables, opened on etsy in March 2010, (and now appears to have closed, but you may be able to contact them through etsy). The banner says it all with those cute little beady-eyed bear faces looking back at you. You will want to drop a heart on this shop!

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