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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wood Trek

With phasers at the ready and shields up, this reclaimed wood shop on zibbet is boldly going where no other wood recycler has gone before. RaysScraps pieces together impressive modes of the Starship Enterprise from little bits of scrap wood. It is almost like 3D intarsia, although he does stain or paint most pieces. I am a great fan of The Original Series – Star TrekTOS – and was tickled to find a great selection of USS Enterprise models; ships on their own, in spacedock, and even Klingon birds of prey can be found is this fun shop. The rainbow Enterprise mobile is perfect for any nursery or child's room.

Ray has not stopped at making unique Star Trek collectible mobiles and desk art available, but uses his woodworking skills at crafting an assortment of airplanes from bygone eras, helicopters, trucks and cars. His selection of trains makes me think of the children's book The Little Engine That Could. What a delight they would be for any train enthusiast. Be sure to see the bi-plane birdhouse. How special is that for the backyard!

Ray precision pieces his wooden wonders in California and ships to the United States. He has a shop on etsy where even more wonderful wood workings await. He creates these unique art works with scrap wood bits so no two will ever be identical. You are guaranteed of an unparalleled work of art to display. If you have a custom order in mind, be sure to contact him. I showed my husband what Ray does with wood scraps, but he is going to stick to making guitars and let the scraps fall where they may.

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  1. Thank you Suzanne for this wonderful post. To receive such kind words from another accomplished recycling artist is always appreciated. Good luck on your endeavors and thanks again for supporting mine! ~ Ray