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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Magic Mirror

A burst of lovely colors and shapes captured my attention, and before I knew it, I had been transported into the magical recycling world of MarilyndaGallery on etsy. This mother and daughter team give an exciting new life to the forgotten fancies of fashion. Their bewitching arrangements of costume jewelry pieces adorn the backs of hand mirrors. The queen may ask, “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” I don't know the fairest one of all, but I'm sure the fairest mirror is found right here!

Whether you prefer square, round, oblong, or hearts, they have bejeweled mirrors in a shape and size for you. These two tempt our eyes to discover every added trinket in their elaborate playful designs. Although this team is enhancing functional hand mirrors, their mirrors strike me as eye-catching works of wall art. Pick your favorite color combination and add intrigue to a desolate wall space. Visitors are sure to pause as they examine the pleasing shapes and colors. They do have a few wall mirrors available.

Marilyn and Lynda artistically collude in Michigan and ship internationally. You can see their past 'sold' work as well as available art mirrors on their website. There is so much to see on each artistic piece. Take a look, then look again. I'm sure you will smile with delight as another element reveals itself. If you are interested in having a custom mirror made with your baubles from the past or a love one's costume collection, be sure to contact them for a truly memorable piece of art that will be treasured.

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  1. What a wonderful bit of news to wake up to on a Monday morning! We're honored to be a part of your interesting blog-many thanks!