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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Origami Dolls

My daughter has made little Japanese dolls for me to slip into cards and letters, so I was delighted to find Christina's shop, Umeorigami on zibbet, where the traditional handcraft of folding origami dolls is flourishing. She has included some modern touches, and a magnet can be added to any doll. Using the finest papers directly from Japan, her little works of art come alive. What a lovely surprise finding one of treasures tucked in a card would be.

Taking paper folding beyond dolls, Christina enjoys exploring the possibilities of origami. She has designed a line of distinctive earrings and necklace pendants. When I first saw a pendant with beading, I thought it was a special Christmas ornament. Take a look at her very unique and interesting boxed accordion cards.

Christina folds the fancy paper in California, ships internationally, and is found on Facebook. A website will show off more of this artist's work, which includes photography. Be sure to see the creative Star Wars doll set.

She has a shop on etsy, and although it is not currently stocked, you can see past work being enjoyed by her patrons. This busy lady has a second shop, origraphix, on zibbet where you will find graphic designs. If you have a custom order, be sure to contact her.

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