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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun Hand Puppets

I have stumbled upon another of Santa's secret satellite workshops on zibbet. A grand selection of hand puppets can be found at mpace. You will keep little ones engaged in creative storytelling while flipping between two expressions on the Two-Faced line, or memorize them with the more ornate Storyteller puppets, who really know how to spin a yarn. Creative word play from an early age is a wonderful way to build vocabulary and spark imagination in the wordsmiths of tomorrow. If you would like more actors in your production, be sure to see the animal finger puppets.

Now a great-grandma, this lady has been putting smiles on children's faces for many, many years with her bright and cheerful play toys. After a stroll down the aisles of her shop, I discovered a host of friendly dolls ready to be confidential, lifetime friends. Doll lines in this shop have fun names like Knot-A-Paperdoll, My New Friend, Baby-to-Go, and Uppity Down Dolls. To cheer up a child battling leukemia, be sure to see the thoughtful selection of Kancer Kids dolls with their colorful hats and fancy footwear.

A designer purse is waiting for your little lady in the Miz Pursey's Cupcake line. Each cupcake is individually frosted assuring a unique, one-of-a-kind accessory. The fun doesn't stop there, and Harriet the Hair Accessory Queen will keep hair accessories organized on a dresser top.

These delightful dollies are lovingly crafted in Washington state and ship internationally. Find her on Facebook with more of her precious creations on etsy and her website. Her aim is to make a child smile with a toy to be treasured, so be sure to contact her with your special request.

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