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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Star Wars Amigurumi Crochet

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of creating small-scale cuteness by knit or crochet. Fantasy crochet patterns abound at LucyRavenscar on Etsy. Whether you are looking for your favorite Star Wars character, rabbits, wizards, or other fantasy folk, Lucy has the roadmap to creating your own amigurumi. The little gnomes, or any of these wee wonders, would make such a fun hide and seek game. The seeker leaves the room while the gnome is hidden, but part of it must be visible from the center of the room. I played this fun I Spy game as a child with little pocket rabbits my mother knit.

Her patterns range from beginner to intermediate crochet level, and I can only imagine the hours of trial and error that have gone into creating them. I was once asked how I create crochet patterns: simply write each row down as you work, and when you make a change, tear it out, cross it out, and continue on. Did you know that crochet nomenclature differs between the US and UK? Lucy provides both terms in her directions.

Lucy has painstakingly crafted her patterns in the United Kingdom, can be found on Facebook, and by e-mail her patterns are available via PDF worldwide. Visit her blog where you will find darling little eggs to delight any egg hunt, as well as free patterns and links to free patterns that you can try your hand at. Keep in mind that her pattern designs are available for personal use only. She has spent great time and care in preparing them. I wonder what she will come up with next!