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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fatima’s Flowers

Spring is finally here! Now if only the weather would cooperate. I ran across this vibrant shop, FlowersFromFatima, several months ago on Etsy and was waiting for just the right time to present her beautiful creations. Inspired by the wondrous beauty found in nature, Fatima’s floral fashions are bold yet feminine. Headbands, hair clips, sticks, and combs will have you looking chic and flower fashionable with her line of eye-catching hair ornaments. I think her gorgeous Gerbera Daisy would make a stunning brooch, a statement piece for any coat that needs a serious splash of color.

This charming lady makes her sunshine pieces in Ohio and ships internationally. The cheerful colors she chooses will surely warm hearts and provide hope for a bright and joyful day. These pretty posies will get you noticed, so be ready with a smile when you go out wearing one of Fatima’s creations!

1 comment:

  1. Perfect to add color on a gray overcast day. Would make anyone smile!