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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Turning Wood

BlockheadProduction on zibbet has an incredible collection of woods, whether you enjoy red oak, walnut, maple, or mahogany, you will find it here in interesting form. This woodworking artists has been fascinated with wood his entire life. The intricate designs are made by gluing together different woods and turning it all on a lathe to produce amazing art pieces. What a joy it must be to reveal such pleasing patterns from a block of glued woods!

These wooden wonders are spun in Washington State, and shipped to the United States. The composite wood product, parallam, certainly makes very fascinating patterns. The crafting spirit runs in this family as his talented daughter, Theresa, was a Discovered Treasure in September 2010.



  1. Beautiful! I love things made out of wood.

  2. Awesome!


  3. Suzanne my Husband (BlockheadProduction) wanted me to Thank You so much for the Great Post about his work. He doesn't have a blog nor is he on the the computer much. I will be posting some new pieces later this week he has just finished They too are true works of Art. I love his talent and the Beautiful creations he dreams up. Thank you again.

  4. "Wooden wonders" is the perfect description for these beauties ...