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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twisted Wax

Years ago, when there were handcrafted consignment stores in our area, I remember marveling at beautiful tower candles similar to these. Not having seen them since, I was pleased to run across this family business on etsy, creativecandlelight, (shop has been empty for some time now, but you may be able to contact them there) which is keeping this art form alive.

One who makes candles is known as a chandler, and for several hundred years the art of carving candles has produced exquisite works in wax. The base candles are dipped again and again adding the layers of color, which will later be revealed by the master’s carving skill. They work quickly while the wax is warm, completing their masterpieces in a matter of minutes.

These wonderful sculptures are created in Canada and ship to the United States. Whether for a wedding or a birthday surprise, they would be happy to take a custom order in your special color combination. Be sure to stop by their website (seems to be gone) where a host of waxwork delights can be found including candlesticks and novelty candles. I particularly like the frog and the penguin, and when I first saw the lighthouse, I thought it was a dalek!

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